Confluence. Muesli Collective


Collectif Muesli creates works that are permeable to the environment, undergoing a visible metamorphosis that reflects invisible fluctuations. Never the same twice, the works are a confluence of matter, atmosphere and time.



Adults Schools Families Should Europe become a fortress or a place for encountersand dialogue? The BienvenUE exhibition is a forum for cultural and human exchange on the topic of South-North migration. Some 43 artists reflect this societal challenge in their work. Whatever their format – written text, drawing, painting, sculpture, assemblage, photograph, film or song – the exhibits reach out to visitors as European citizens and inhabitants of the world. 


Reinventing Humanism

At the turn of the 15th and 16th centuries, the emergence of the modern States, the invention of the printing press, the great discoveries, the Protestant Reformation, and the works of the humanists marked the end of an age-old world and the beginning of a new era.