Writers’ walls of images

Immerse yourself in the visual world of some of the greatest literary names and explore the walls of images that fed their imagination and inspired their creations.


Confluence. Muesli Collective

research Collectif Muesli creates works that are permeable to the environment, undergoing a visible metamorphosis that reflects invisible fluctuations. Never the same twice, the works are a confluence of matter, atmosphere and time.


The Grid. Trame · Grille · Matrice

The grid, formed by the regular intersection of vertical and  horizontal lines, was an iconic structure in twentieth-century art that has never ceased to fire artists’ imagination. The exhibition, also entitled The Grid, explores this theme. 


Walter Vaes (1882-1958). Etchings and paintings

A recent donation of etchings, complemented by paintings from private collections, provides an opportunity to discover the work of Antwerp artist Walter Vaes.


Fossils & fictions

children teenagers families adults Immerse yourself in an exciting journey between the origins of life and its future.


Forms of salvation

The temporary exhibition Forms of Salvation takes visitors behind the scenes of the restoration of works of art, to discover old religious practices.