MAGMA · Triennial of Contemporary Art of Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve

adults Secondary school Does fluidity allow us to go beyond the polarities me-other, human-nature, man-woman, material-imaterial, stagnation-movement? Can we be multiple, fluctuating and draw strength from it?


Art & Rite. The power of objects

families adults What do museum textiles, sculptures, garments, jewellery, masks, amulets, musical instruments, censers and missals tell us? What purpose did they serve before they were uprooted from their original context and put on display? The exhibition juxtaposes artifacts from different cultures and forges connections between objects and people, and between the visitors themselves.



adults Schools The exhibition STAGED BODIES highlights the many ways in which the human body has been represented in fine-art photography since 1970, a time when the depiction of the body underwent a radical transformation: it was no longer seen as a stable,


An Archeological Odyssey: Among Archives and Artefacts

families Schools adults The exhibition goes behind the scenes of archaeology and explores its historiography as a discipline not limited to fieldwork, but drawing on aspects of various other disciplines to create a new way of interpreting the past. The artefacts on display are accompanied by archival documents, recreating the context in which the discipline emerged as a science.


Tumulus, moutains of eternity

families Schools adults From prehistoric times to the present day, humans have erected monuments over individual or collective graves : Tumuli. How and for whom was it made? What treasures does it contain ? Delve into the heart of the tumuli an discover the secrets hidden beneath these ancient grassy mounds of earth and skilfully crafted stone structures.


Ink, quill, charcoal

adults Schools Drawing, even more so than writing, is one of the most instinctive ways to express our thoughts and ideas. Who hasn’t doodled on the corner of a sheet of paper or used a sketch to try to convey their thoughts or emotions ? The exhibition features sketches by Belgian artists that demonstrate the many possibilities of this discipline, as an endless source of research and exploration for visual artists.