Confluence. Muesli Collective


From 8 March to 14 April 2024, Musée L will be hosting an exhibition by the Muesli collective. On this occasion, new creations will be presented, including a series based on a collaboration with professors and students from the UCLouvain School of Chemistry.

Collectif Muesli creates works that are permeable to the environment, undergoing a visible metamorphosis that reflects invisible fluctuations. Never the same twice, the works are a confluence of matter, atmosphere and time. They are in a state of constant transition between soliditý and fluiditý and also adapt to the architectural properties of the space they inhabit. The Confluence exhibition will feature new pieces by the collective, some resulting from a workshop carried out in 2022 with students from the School of Chemistry at UCLouvain.

The exhibition will also provide an opportunity for dialogue with the permanent collection of Musée L. It will link the works of Collectif Muesli with those of the museum, skilfully moving them to draw the public into less visible spaces.

Through this project, the exploration of sensitive materials in their multiple states is harmoniously interwoven in a context that is both artistic and scientific, giving rise to a veritable confluence.

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Exhibition produced in partnership with UCLouvain Culture as part of the Combining Chemistry and Art research-creation project.