Ink, quill, charcoal


Drawing, even more so than writing, is one of the most instinctive ways to express our thoughts and ideas. Who hasn’t doodled on the corner of a sheet of paper or used a sketch to try to convey their thoughts or emotions ?

The exhibition features sketches by Belgian artists donated by the Fonds Meeùs to UCLouvain for its museum in 2002. The drawings demonstrate the many possibilities of this discipline, as an endless source of research and exploration for visual artists.

First, visitors are immersed in a space showcasing very different creative processes, from the working drawing, which forms the essence of the composition, to the spontaneity and freedom of expression that enhances it. They can then become artists themselves and try their hand at different sketching techniques.

The final space questions the status of drawing in the creative process, presenting preparatory sketches alongside finished works. Is the sketch in itself a work of art ?


Gaston BERTRAND, Jacques CALONNE, Jacques CHARLIER, Luc CLAUS, Francis DE BOLLE, Petrus DE MAN, Anne DE ROO, Camille DE TAEYE, Christian DOTREMONT, Jean-Michel FRANCOIS, Bernard GHOBERT, Félix HANNAERT, Francis HERTH, Pierre LAHAUT, André LAMBOTTE, Jules-Clément LISMONDE, Didier MAHIEU, Henri MICHAUX, Antoine MORTIER, Michel MOUFFE, Michel OLYFF, Mig QUINET, Félix ROULIN, Marthe SONNET, Englebert VAN ANDERLECHT, Thomas VAN GINDERTAEL, Gisèle VAN LANGE, Dan VAN SEVEREN, André WILLEQUET, Maurice WYCKAERT.