The Museum of Capitalism at Musée L


Do you want to understand capitalism ?

The Museum of Capitalism is coming to Louvain-la-Neuve and taking up temporary residence at Musée L ! Questioning our economic and cultural system through capitalism’s origins, hopes, limits and alternatives. Addressing topics such as food, health, culture, consumerism and finance. Provoking debate about complex economic issues that nevertheless structure our lives. Previously staged in Namur ( 2014 ), Saint-Gilles ( 2015 ), Ghent ( 2015 ), Laeken ( 2016 ), Mons ( 2017 ), Anderlecht, Liège and Arlon ( 2018 ), the exhibition will provide visitors with opportunities for reflection and debate.

Accessible to a wide audience (age 15+), the exhibition is committed to the cause but non-partisan. It is a tool to promote active citizenship and learn about our economic system and our society. Visitors are encouraged to get involved through interaction and discussion, especially during the many guided tours and events organised.

The Museum of Capitalism is a civic initiative that was set up in 2012 by some fifteen volunteers aged between 24 and 31. The idea of creating this kind of museum occurred to them during a visit to the Museum of Communism in Prague. Upon their return to Belgium, they realised that there was no Museum of Capitalism anywhere in the world – or at any rate they couldn’t find one! So they decided to develop their own and invite you to come and explore it and reflect.

For this edition, the exhibition will be showcased in the Musée L ( UCLouvain ) in the university city of Louvain-la-Neuve. It will be complemented by artworks from the Musée L collections and by student contributions.

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