Should Europe become a fortress or a place for encountersand dialogue?

The BienvenUE exhibition is a forum for cultural and human exchange on the topic of South-North migration. Some 43 artists reflect this societal challenge in their work. Whatever their format – written text, drawing, painting, sculpture, assemblage, photograph, film or song – the exhibits reach out to visitors as European citizens and inhabitants of the world. 

BienvenUE is coming to Musée L! The exhibition will gather artists of all nationalities with stories of wandering, pain and hope set against the human drama that is unfolding in the Straits of Gibraltar. The aim is to bring people together and foster debate, through the exhibition itself and the associated programme of round-table discussions and tours, thereby forging links between the artistic disciplines and other fields that are researched and taught at UCLouvain. 

Charley Case, a Belgian artist whose work reflects his compassion for humanity and his concern for societal causes, will take over one area with his impressive Barco Iris installation.

In another exhibition area, the Station d’Art Transfrontalier, or Muzoo, is a museum within a museum that brings together the poetic testimonials of artists, made from objects encountered on the migration route. To complete the line-up, a ‘pop-up cinema’ will show video installations, artist films and documentaries.

With the artworks of : Salima ABDEL WAHAB, ADEC, Aziz AMRANI, David BARTHOLOMÉO, Ahmed BENRAADIYA, Stefan BOHNENBERGER, Charley CASE, Fred CHEMAMA, Najib CHERRADI, Pascal COLSON, Pierre DELAGRANGE, Antonin DE BEMELS, Manuela de TERVARENT, Céline DE VOS, Thomas de WOUTERS, Khalil EL GHRIB, Youssef EL YEDIDI, David ESSOMÉ, Karmit EVEN ZUR, David FEDELE et Kumut IMESH, Emilio GALLEGO, Anouar HANTOUT, Dirk HENDRIKX, Olivier JAMOULLE, Stéphane JOSSART, Robin KOLLEMAN, Benoît MALLON, Natacha MERCIER, Aline MOENS, Farzad MOLOUDI, Bouchra MOUTAHARIK, Aïcha MUTEBA, Rafiy OKEFOLAHAN, PATSHIVA Cie, Aurélie RIGAUT, Théo RONSE, Sophie SAPOROSI, Frédéric TOLMATCHEFF, Salvador TOMNYUY, Jérôme UGILLE, Martin VAN DER BELEN, Anne-Judith VAN LOOCK, Marie-Laure VRANCKEN et Saïd ELOUIZI, Laurence VRAY, Toma WA.